Terms and Conditions

By participating with Cat Ba Kayak Adventures, you assume certain obligations to Cat Ba Kayak Adventures and other trip members:

  • Understand the Cat Ba Kayak Adventures rating system
  • Select a trip that matches your own interests and abilities
  • Understand that in caves, there is no touching, no talking, no eating, and no smoking;
  • Bring appropriate gear and clothing as advised by Cat Ba Kayak Adventures in the spirit of the outdoors
  • Understand that certain factors, especially nature and weather, are beyond our control
  • Follow normal standards of personal hygiene to reduce the risk of contracting diseases
  • Follow normal social behavior habits with other trip members
  • No intoxication or use of illegal drugs
  • Respect the customs of our host countries with courtesy
  • Complete the trip itinerary as scheduled
 (or as adjusted by your trip leader as necessary)


  • Day trip refunds only if cancellation is reported by 12:00 o’clock the day before departure.
  • Overnight refunds only if cancellation is reported by 48 hours before departure.

If Cat Ba Kayak Adventures Cancels a trip:
Cat Ba Kayak Adventures has never canceled a trip for anything but unsafe weather. If we do cancel for weather, there are no refunds but a trip of a similar standard will be offered. In the past, we have only ever had to delay a trip by one day because of tropical storms. If you book a trip in the monsoon season, you may well get wet! Rain is not a valid reason for canceling a trip. If we cancel for lack of bookings, we will refund the full booking cost. All other expenses are your responsibility.

Medical Considerations:
You must advise us well before departure if you have any medical problems. ‘Tropical Tummies’ are quite common when traveling in South East Asia. Dehydration and sunstroke are also commonplace. We ask all our guests to pay attention to their lead guide who will advise guests on how to keep in good health. Please discuss with your doctor well in advance about cover for malaria and other tropical diseases. Cat Ba Kayak Adventures cannot advise on these matters. For the most part, nasty tropical diseases are very rare nowadays, but it is wise to take precautions.