Lân Homestay in Cat Ba National Park

Located deep in Cat Ba National Park, far away from chaotic urban life, Viet Hai village is the only place where visitors can admire the wild beauty of an old-style village in Cat Ba. This one of very few traditional villages you can still visit in the north. With a population of less than 300, Viet Hai people mainly live on farming, fishing and aquaculture.

In recent years as tourism demand has grown, many family households have turned to eco-tourism, with the aim to keep tradition alive and be environmentally responsible. Viet Hai has become an ideal place for domestic and foreign tourists who want to immerse in nature and explore the forests and mountains. A place not to be missed when visiting Viet Hai is Lan Homestay. Here you will see traditional style living with thatched roofs, ponds, and orchards. This is the place to explore the national park and Lan Ha Bay, which is the less touristed and more scenic sister to Halong Bay.